“Sinulog, a celebration of culture and faith!”

If u haven’t heard of Philippines yet, it’s one of those countries rich in culture and traditions in Asia. Filipino practices ,even up to these days, reflects the people’s ways of life which undeniably are associated with their religious faith- which I think, the core of Filipino values and traditions. One of Philippines’ interesting practices is their festivities in different cities in the country, and when it comes to Philippines’ festivals, for those people who have known Philippines, one would always come in mind- The “Sinulog festival ” known as the mother of all festivals in the country. Sinulog is celebrated annually in Cebu every third Sunday of January. The festival isn’t just known in the island but also acknowledge nationwide and of every Filipinos all over the world. It is originally from the cebuano word “sulog” which means “water current movement”  that actually describes the forward- backward sinulog dance. More than its word’s meaning, sinulog dance signifies how Cebuanos, from worshiping their pagan gods, turned their reverence and faith to the miraculous child Sto. Niño after Christianity was first introduce in the island. What makes it remarkably unique and interesting? for a day, the festival shows how rich our history is and how it mirrors the culture and traditions of every Cebuano. The festival shows how people, in their faith,put their indifference aside and gather together as one!

People shows their respect and devotion to Sto. Niño, the miraculous child.

Sinulog normally has 8-11 hours street dance on the main roads of the Cebu city.
For a day, people enjoy this amazing and colorful event !
contingents from different parts of the country all come together to participate and enjoy!

Thus, undeniably, Sinulog festival is indeed a celebration worth celebrating for, a celebration of culture and of faith… VIVA PIT SENIOR!!!