Why I love sunsets

I can see the sky taking on shades of orange again, alas! Here comes my favorite afternoon sight once more after days of rain and gloominess. I rested my back comfortably on my office chair, peaceful deep breathes and I smiled. I realized that even if I had the worst day ever, there are still reasons to be grateful about. Every sunsets remind me that everything will just pass by and there will always be another new day to come, there will always be a beautiful sunrise to look forward to.

My beautiful sunset view from the office.

When I think about it, I have my own sunsets and sunrises. Frustrations, depressions and hopelessness, dealing with all of these sometimes make me ask myself, what’s the purpose of living? what’s the reason to wake up every day when there’s no hope? But I guess I’m wrong, cause what just my roommate told me, everything has its own time. It won’t happen overnight or in a snap. HARD WORK, DETERMINATION along with PATIENCE, your ingredients for success with of course, the blessing of God above.

Sunsets indicate the beginning of night, but darkness will only last from dusk till dawn, it might be long but for sure it doesn’t last forever. Another smile paints my lips, such beauty… I took another deep breaths and I’m certain, I have so many reasons to move on and look forward for brighter days.





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